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US-8863900-B1: Tree step patent, US-8867373-B2: Apparatus and method for declaring radio link failure (RLF) patent, US-8868075-B2: Modular cell phone for fixed mobile convergence patent, US-8869746-B2: Mooring structure with habitat features for marine animals patent, US-8869798-B2: Foam-based interfacing structure method and apparatus patent, US-3117257-A: Solenoid having a rotatable back stop for the plunger patent, US-8870540-B2: Water turbine patent, US-8871489-B2: Metabolic evolution of Escherichia coli strains that produce organic acids patent, US-8871547-B2: Method for fabricating vertical light emitting diode (VLED) structure using a laser pulse to remove a carrier substrate patent, US-8871676-B2: Method for making porous acicular mullite-containing composites patent, US-8875678-B2: Spark ignited radical injection system patent, US-8879511-B2: Assignment acknowledgement for a wireless communication system patent, US-8881051-B2: Zoom-based gesture user interface patent, US-8881328-B2: Body support with fluid system and method of operating same patent, US-8882416-B2: Connecting means and method of producing a connection between a first component and a second component patent, US-8882945-B2: Isobutylene (co)polymeric adhesive composition patent, US-8883208-B2: Particles for delivery of nucleic acids and related devices and methods patent, US-8884030-B2: Inhibitors of Flaviviridae viruses patent, US-8884616-B2: XMR angle sensors patent, US-8886798-B2: Group monitoring system and method patent, US-8887457-B1: Door frame reinforcement assembly patent, US-8887839-B2: Drill bit for use in drilling subterranean formations patent, US-8888158-B2: System and method of providing computer resources patent, US-8888542-B2: Electric outboard motor patent, US-8888785-B2: Method and apparatus for performing an open wedge, high tibial osteotomy patent, US-8889344-B2: Coating compositions patent, US-8889394-B2: Multiple domain proteins patent, US-8889652-B2: Pharmaceutical agent having long-lasting effect of treating arthritic disorders patent, US-8890236-B1: Semiconductor device patent, US-8891612-B2: Encoding and decoding multi-view video while accommodating absent or unreliable camera parameters patent, US-8892015-B2: Fixing device and image forming apparatus incorporating same patent, US-8893268-B2: Permission re-delegation prevention patent, US-8893950-B2: Surgical apparatus for applying tissue fasteners patent, US-8895805-B2: Method for modifying insect resistance of plants by utilizing RNAi technique patent, US-8897778-B2: Infrastructure assisted network transition patent, US-8902099-B2: Work area monitor patent, US-8906700-B2: Methods and compositions for phototransfer patent, US-8908107-B2: Remote control system and remote control method thereof patent, US-8908265-B2: Optical fiber amplifier comprising an embedded filter and a control method with improved feedforward control performance patent, US-8908743-B2: Receiver with multi layer interference cancellation patent, US-8908846-B2: System to capture communication information patent, US-8910119-B2: System and method for displaying component information of a trace patent, US-8912564-B2: Light-emitting device patent, US-8918339-B2: Associating an indication of user emotional reaction with content items presented by a social networking system patent, US-8918401-B1: Systems and methods for providing searchable prior history patent, US-8919434-B2: System and method for fracturing of oil and gas wells patent, US-8920392-B2: Method for treating overactive bladders and a device for storage and administration of topical oxybutynin compositions patent, US-8922585-B2: Display controller patent, US-8923867-B2: Mobile communication system, base station apparatus and mobile station apparatus patent, US-8924381-B2: Determining usage of an entity patent, US-8924590-B2: System and method for communicating in a networked system patent, US-8926519-B2: Opitcal-acoustic imaging device patent, US-8927739-B2: Processes for the preparation of 5-azaspiro[2.4]heptane-6-carboxylic acid and its derivatives patent, US-8928871-B2: Reflective mask patent, US-8930061-B2: Method and apparatus for influencing the transverse dynamics of a vehicle patent, US-8931356-B2: Chromatography apparatus and methods using multiple microfluidic substrates patent, US-8933115-B2: Stabilized statin formulations patent, US-8934682-B2: Providing an ID-verified blood test patent, US-8934981-B2: Spinal cord stimulation to treat pain patent, US-8937198-B2: Process for making nitriles patent, US-8937540-B2: Method and apparatus for providing dynamic multi-stage signal amplification in a medical device patent, US-8940855-B2: Polymers bearing pendant pentafluorophenyl ester groups, and methods of synthesis and functionalization thereof patent, US-8943524-B2: Channel selective information transmitting device, channel selective information transmitting method and its program, and memory medium patent, US-8946053-B2: Method for reducing irregularities at the surface of a layer transferred from a source substrate to a glass-based support substrate patent, US-8949218-B2: Techniques for join processing on column partitioned tables patent, US-8951762-B2: Materials and methods for using an acyl—acyl carrier protein thioesterase and mutants and chimeras thereof in fatty acid synthesis patent, US-8954093-B2: Managing of application access to centrally stored place-related data on a mobile device patent, US-8956601-B2: Therapeutic uses of mastic gum fractions patent, US-8956835-B2: Methods for producing polyhydroxyalkanoates from biodiesel-glycerol patent, US-8956870-B2: Method for using directing cells for specific stem/progenitor cell activation and differentiation patent, US-8956999-B2: Herbicides patent, US-8958054-B2: Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method patent, US-8959526-B2: Scheduling execution of complementary jobs based on resource usage patent, US-8959634-B2: Method and system for protection against information stealing software patent, US-8962590-B2: Prostate cancer vaccine patent, US-8963532-B2: Reference current distribution patent, US-8966752-B2: Shaft such as a camshaft for internal combustion engines patent, US-8966778-B2: Tape measure recording device patent, US-8970734-B2: Imaging apparatus having temporary recording mode and direct recording mode patent, US-8971091-B2: Method and circuit for switching a memristive device in an array patent, US-8973131-B2: Refinement-based security analysis patent, US-8979757-B2: Method and system for monitoring the condition of livestock patent, US-8981095-B2: Intermediate compounds and process for the preparation of lurasidone and salts thereof patent, US-8981930-B2: Appliance monitoring systems and methods patent, US-8983122-B2: Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable storage medium patent, US-8985538-B2: Flexible segmented support structure patent, US-8986592-B2: Automatic de-molding device for flat rubber treads patent, US-8986700-B2: Immunogenic lipopeptides comprising T-helper and cytotoxic T-lymphocyte (CTL) epitopes patent, US-8986930-B2: Sequencing reactions with alkali metal cations for pulse width control patent, US-8987274-B2: Macrocycles that increase p53 activity and the uses thereof patent, US-8987433-B2: Variant isoprenoid producing enzymes and uses thereof patent, US-8988296-B2: Compact polarized antenna and methods patent, US-8989842-B2: System and method to register a tracking system with intracardiac echocardiography (ICE) imaging system patent, US-8990205-B2: Data caveats for database tables patent, US-8991080-B2: Dipper door assembly patent, US-8993218-B2: Photo resist (PR) profile control patent, US-8994488-B2: Transformer power splitter having primary winding conductors magnetically coupled to secondary winding conductors and configured in topology including series connection and parallel connection patent, US-8996547-B2: Dynamic fragmentation of digital media patent, US-8997396-B2: Weighted rodent bait stations and related methods patent, US-8998155-B2: Quick threaded rod locking devices and method patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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